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Life on our planet evolved over eons, according to current scientific theory.  However this came to be, the fact remains that our bodies respond best to natural elements of nature, such as organically grown foods.

Chemicals used in industry are therefore required to be disclosed as to their potential harmful effects to the user or anyone who may come into contact with them.  The chemicals and their harmful effects are listed on a document called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  I searched high and low for carpet cleaning chemicals on the internet, even those listed as “green” and I couldn’t find any without potentially harmful toxins, and in many cases, cancer causing agents (carcinogens).

Toxic chemicals in our environment accumulate in our bodies and could cause harmful effects.  A well known example.  A well know example is the “flashbulbs” experienced from uses of viruscides.  LSD crystals are said to lodge themselves in the body and then upon dislodging within the body, may produce a new full blown trip.

Research has concluded that toxins, including drugs, parasites and common household toxic substances accumulate in the body and causes such effects as lowered IQ.

The evidence is such that participants in the study:  i.e. put on a sweat program to rid the body of the toxic elements scored much higher in IQ and mental capacity analysis after the program was completed in each case.

It is important for all of us and for future generations that we eliminate the use of toxic substances in ways that allow them in the environment where we all live.

Be selective about products and services that allow chemicals.

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