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I came across a health sciences company years ago, which had been using electrically charged water to help overcome health problems. They had a high tech process that converted water into vitamins, thus bypassing digestive troubles enough to improve overall health and thus better digestion, etc. I assumed that this same technology could make water into a detergent by adding a certain electron structure without the use of chemicals. I could see that it would be too expensive of a process, though, as just a pint of the water was about a hundred dollars at the time.

After my physical setback, it became my mission to discover a way to produce this water inexpensively. The apparatus would have to be reasonably priced, and work as well or better than the chemicals that it would replace.

I had heard that there had been many discoveries about water in Asia. I began a long search, and after some years and many miles had discovered how to do it, so that all carpet cleaners could benefit.  I designed the unit so that any carpet cleaner could use it, with whatever equipment they have.

An interesting point about the unit is that when it is running and the water is ready to be used, the stirring water in the machine smells a bit like a load of laundry ... with no detergent being added!

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