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A solution to Toxins:  Advanced Recovery Corp

How to handle Possible Carpet Toxins


Benefits of Arkeon

1) The Arkeon Chem Free Unit ionizer converts water into a cleaning solution without the use of any chemicals.

2) In side by side cleaning tests against other general cleaning detergents for professional carpet cleaning, the Arkeon Chem Free Unit ranked superior in cleaning.

3) The unit's cost is reasonable, and with the lease program cleaners would immediately realize a monthly cost savings over the chemicals that the unit replaces.

4) Safety for the carpet cleaner is enhanced lity of offering and delivering chemical free carpet cleaning for your key customers.

5) Pride in having the best system - safest choice for the customer.

6) Greater employee longevity and retention.

7) Creates a niche in the market.

8) Surveys and field testing have shown that clients interested in the chemical free process of cleaning were willing to pay 50-100% more for the cleaning utilizing that process.

9) While reducing costs and providing a safer environment for all, the process would provide greater profitability.

10) The process actually prevents scale buildup with the existing equipment so the equipment LASTS LONGER.

11) Although the need for chemicals in cleaning, if not eliminated is greatly reduced, less chemical may be used with the same results because the water itself improves the penetration of any additional substances.

12) The toxic nature of any chemicals in the water is reduced while cleaning efficiency is enhanced

13) The low monthly royalty fee of $25 provides a membership which is envisioned to be international in scope, providing marketing tips and business success principles gleaned from our past experience as well as that of successful members who would be willing to share.

14) The low monthly royalty also funds further research and development to keep the technology way ahead of potential competitors to our network of cleaners.

15) Arkeon would obtain free publicity which would generate new business for members.

16) As a membership network we would have a larger internet presence as well as other advertising possibilities which could provide more clients and even job referrals for all.

17) Membership in our network would provide opportunity to purchase other cutting edge, safe products for many aspects of cleaning and restoration which Arkeon should have available once testing has been completed.

18) As the network expands, there would be newer greater opportunities for mass purchasing power and a larger variety of equipment and other supplies would be offered to members at discount prices.

19) The extremely low free provides advantages normally afforded to franchised operations without requiring members to change their identity in the marketplace.

20) The only requirement for membership is ownership or current lease of an Arkeon Chemical Free Unit, and payment if the monthly royalty, and a biding by patent license and trade secrecy nondisclosure agreements.

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